Report from Mexico … Healings and Salvations!


We have recently received a report from our friends, Dave & Charity Maddox, who are currently serving in Mazatlan, Mexico! Be encouraged as you hear about the awesome things that God is doing, all over the earth! His Kingdom really is being established, faster than any of us fully know!

“We have seen over 500 people come to the Lord in 5 days over the course of carnaval. It has been amazing to see so many people so open and hungry for God.


We also have had a program going on here called Invasion!! It is amazing because this group called Victorious Christian Harvester’s have mobilized over 30 local churches and have done evangelistic outreaches for about a week and a half over the course of carnaval. They witnessed to over 7k people and have seen about 4,500 people give their life to Jesus!!!! It is so amazing because the churches are a big part of this.

Along with people giving their lives to Jesus, we also have seen about 18 healings right inside of carnaval with craziness all around us. We saw a blind man being to see color. We saw a lame man get healed and start leaping in the streets along with talking after he was also mute!! We also saw many people have pain leave and sickness leave!! God is doing incredible things. I especially liked the fact that both Charity and I got to personally lead several peole to Christ!!

We are very excited for what God is doing, but we have a couple prayer requests.  First, we are going to Central America for our outreach portion of our school and we still need about 5,000 to be able to go. That will cover both Charity and myself for the remainder of our time here. Secondly, we would like prayer for better time management so Charity and I can have more quality time together and so we can get everything we need to done. Lastly, we would like prayer for strength and refreshment to keep pushing hard into what God has for us.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support!!!”

With love and joy,
David and Charity Maddox

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