Worlds without end.

What does that mean?  I’m not really too sure as this is the only place that I’ve ever known.  I can only imagine that somewhere “out there” is perhaps another realm that Father has created for His own good pleasure.  A debatable conundrum to be sure.


But as I think on it, I get to experience other realms…right here, right now.

For me some of those realities could be translated to reflect the seasons that I’ve been allowed to experience.  Some of those seasons could be further translated to “opportunities” that Father has allowed me to be a part of.  Those opportunities for me have names, names like “being Spirit filled”.  Other seasons might be called marriage, children, the Ambulance Service (or other employment/career experiences).  One of my most exciting seasons right now is that of Eastgate.  Wow!

It is through this last season (Realm), that “more” make sense, or becomes clear.  What things you might ask?  Well, I’m now in that season/reality that allows me to see the miraculous made real.  I hear my Heavenly Father more clearly (not perfectly…just with greater clarity), I see the lame walk, the blind see, hope restored…and on it goes.

It’s almost as if Papa pulls back another veil and beckons me to come, to explore, to step just a little more into His world, His realm, that place of intimacy.  This is so very exciting.

I can hardly wait to see what’s behind tomorrow’s veil, what revelation is waiting for me to co-labour with God.  Hummmm.


[Written by: John Lowe]