A Divine Irritation

I sometimes get lost in my thoughts. It’s not that I have a problem with it ~ I can usually find my way home.
A reoccurring theme has emerged in my exploration of this great renewed brain of mine, so here it is. Changing my mind is the greatest revival the earth has ever seen!

Someone pointed out a while back that repentance defined biblically is to change how one thinks! So this brings me to the point of this thought ~ I was once in prolific opposition to anything charismatic in expression of faith. I can recall some of my first experiences in the presence of a prophetic culture, it was horrifying to me.

Much has transformed in my life and it can be traced back to the changing of my mind, causing me to ponder a few things:

*        I was once very annoyed by the things that now make me happy.
*        This journey took time (in my case years)
*        I may not be finished this journey.
*        There have been people who responded poorly to the enthusiasm I have for this new mindset BUT so did I to others back in the day.
*        Some situations in life might be Divine irritations (Good challenges that cause change)
*        I hope I have learned to have patience with people, especially the ones that seem to be in opposition.
*        Agreement isn’t required, honor is.

Maybe take a moment and think about what’s changed in belief (faith) for you over your lifetime.

Some of us are exploring community with believers in a different way than we were once used to. It doesn’t make one way right or wrong ~ it’s just another expression of the same love for Jesus and love for people.

No matter what style of expressing faith you choose we desire to see you flourish in your gifting and passion. One of the reasons we exist as an organization is to inspire and equip you to see dreams become reality.  (Sometimes Changes in thinking are necessary for dreams to become reality)

Dream BIG leaps, execute SMALL steps.

Warmly Chris Wiens