A Hope & A Future; Get Happy!

You have been given a hope and a future so wild and unbelievably good that it has yet to be conceived or even imagined in your own heart! You have received an eternal inheritance, one of which the mind of man has yet to fully discover or perceive! You have entered into a contract with the most powerful and true partner in all the earth – Jesus Himself! And as co-labors, you are working together with the Creator of the Universe to establish all that is in His heart, and in yours!

You’ve not been left alone in these ventures, but you’ve been given the gift of eternal friendship, and the most intimate of companions, in the Holy Spirit! Your success is imminent in the awesome knowledge that He works out all things for your GOOD! You are the head and not the tail, you are the victor and not the victim, you are the blessed and not the cursed, you are the justified and glorified, not the condemned or the crucified!

You’ve been given the keys to peace, to righteousness, and to JOY in the Holy Spirit! You are walking around this earth with an “all access pass” that grants you entry into every realm of Heaven, and the authority to bring those realms into your circumstances! You cannot be separated from the love of God! You can’t be crushed, you will not be destroyed!

You are a son/daughter of GOD!