Bursting at the seams of your life…

CHEERS to you and your beautiful life!

Know today how loved and enjoyed you are by your God! And take time to enjoy yourself, and the world around you. God is bursting at the seams of your life – waiting around every corner and behind every tree to pounce on you within the beauty of your everyday experiences! “[His] lovingkindess, goodness, and mercies pursue me, everyday of my life.” (Psalms 23)

Friends, your beautiful and good God is not far away. He is not living outside of your everyday, in a land far far away! Religion will tell you about the great distance that’s between you and God, and the great lengths at which you will have to strive in the self-efforts of performance in order to bear the hope of reaching Him. But that doesn’t sound like “good news!” The Good News, the glad tidings of great joy, the “glad message of the happy God” (1 Tim. 1:11) that has been preached in the life of God, the Son, Incarnate is:

“I am here! I have come to you! I am Emmanuel, God with you. I’m not far away, I’m not distant, I’m not hard to find. In fact, I never leave you! And all this business about distance and separation, I’m just going to put an end to it, once and for all. I’m going to offer up my life as the perfect sacrifice.

In my death, I’m going to provide the means by which you too will die, die to the system of trying to please God with your good behaviour, the system that has separated you from me [Gal. 2:19-21; Col. 2:14].
And in my resurrection, I’m going to pull you up into the fullness of life and
God that I have been filled with [Col. 2:9-10]!
I’m going to reconcile you, once and for all [Col. 1:19-20]!
I’m going to eternally perfect you [Heb. 10:14]! 
I’m going to become your righteousness for you [1 Cor. 1:30]!”

 Your God is so present in your life, so at home in the world around you!
Inside the fabric of every moment, the ordinary is mixing with the divine, and extending an invitation to you to taste and see a goodness that will blow your mind. Open up the door of your heart and, with every breath you inhale, allow your lungs to be filled with the fullness of life that you’ve been given in Christ.
It’s such GOOD NEWS!