Celebrating Dreams and The Cultivation of Visions

Greetings Friends! 

One of the primary mandates of Eastgate is to reach those who are “stuck” in their lives. So many people feel they are in transition yet struggle to know what to do next. You have to start somewhere and connecting with us (Eastgate) and our network is a really good starting point.

So many of us desire to move in the direction of what we believe to be our dream or passion yet lack the support system to integrate an action plan. With our a developing network and resource center that we believe can assist you on your journey.

All of us need a culture or company of people who empower and celebrate dreaming. At Eastgate, not only do we celebrate dreaming we also encourage you to develop your dream into a personal vision. You are at the right place and right time:)

Maybe you are still waiting for permission to dream or like so many who have been labeled or marginalized as rebellious, disloyal, submissiveness or …..okay let’s just move on…..hope deferred makes the heart sick. There comes a point when you can’t delay your dreams anymore for someone or something else. The truth is we are not married to an organization but we need to be connected and be in relationship with people who are “like minded”. People that believe in you and want you to fulfill the desires of your heart as God desires for you.

To be honest Kristen (my wife) wondered who I was married to at times:) That is one of the reasons we made a radical decision to stop with a model of church that can keep you married to the system. I admit it, I was a “churchaholic”. A “church system commando” for years. Radically saved yet slowly, like the frog in the water that begins to boil, became very “religious”. The system asked me to jump and I responded “how high?!” “Drop and give me twenty!” and I did thirty. I would not miss a church service cause you know….I just might miss God

As a trainer and a ministry associated with Lance Wallnau (Lance Learning) for a number of years, it is our vision to continue to serve people, our region (the church at large) as well as the multitudes around the globe. We (Eastgate) are in the midst of our own transition from a Sunday morning church model to being a tangible vehicle to equip, mobilize and empower those who are “stuck” their transition as a ministry network. We realize it is a huge vision yet together we can do it; all things are possible! We appreciate being in relationship with you, your prayers and love.


Brian Olynick