Did you know that you have eyes inside your heart?

I love children! I’ve worked with kids for over 2 decades and find their characteristics, such as curiosity, adventure, simplicity, passion, playfulness, love & affection, to name only a few, to be so refreshing!

One characteristic that stands out to me is that children under the age of 6 laugh an average of 400 times a day! In contrast, we adults statistically laugh a mere 15 times a day! A shocking comparison! And it’s no surprise that I enjoy being in the presence of children, with these kinds of stats! 🙂


I am seeing something wonderful while working/hanging with the kids and it’s that they are so hungry for God and His world.  Often time, we will lay out together on our mats and listen to “soaking” music.  After 10 or 15 minutes we sit up and one by one each child begins to share what they have experienced.  For some

it’s pictures they saw, others describe a sense of well being, feeling so loved and refreshed.   They then go on to draw or paint what they have just encountered and the pictures are really incredible.  God is speaking and revealing Himself and His realm!


As God’s children, we’ve been given a powerful gift.  With this power, we are able to see different realms and different kingdoms that cannot be seen with our natural eyes.  This gift is called faith.

Faith is like having eyes in our heart, our spirit.  With these eyes we can see the invisible world.  God is always speaking, one way and yet another. His desire to speak with us even outweighs our desire to hear from Him. Can you imagine that!

So today, become like a child once again, and allow those eyes inside of your heart to be opened in a fresh way! You God is speaking to you! And all it takes to hear what He is saying is childlike faith; the simple belief that He is who He says He is! Enter in to His world today!