Discover Your Brilliance!

The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you….Genesis 12:1

I will always be rocked and moved by the story of Abraham. His faith and trust in God to leave everything secure to discover the land that God desired to show him. Kristen and I had left everything to go to the mission field in Mexico and Central America. We responded to our understanding of the GO of the Gospel in various seasons of our lives willing to risk much to be a save and bless a few.  We have traveled on many short term missions and planted churches in North America as well as in the nations.

I get so jazzed by this Bill Johnson statement: “If you are cautious your friends will call you wise. You just won’t move many mountains.” We have and continually experience God move mountains as we step out in faith in Kingdom ventures. 

Although, at this time I have never been so compelledto equip, serve and empower God’s people who are hungry to discover their personal vision and mission for their lives. Confident of knowing who you are in Christ through His finished work and the Father’s everlasting Love for you, there is nothing that should hinder you from leaving your old mindset, guilt trips and mental gymnastics to discover what you are passionate about and Do It. Without God living in him, Abraham stepped out believing God, he went to an unknown place with the confidence that God would continue to lead him. On this side of the Cross, we have God dwelling in us! It is humanly inconceivable to understand that the kingdom of heaven dwells within; except by faith (Matthew 4:17).

It is time for God’s kids to manifest His Glory, on the earth as it is in heaven. We don’t need to look for His Glory somewhere, it is within you. Oh yes, absolutely I agree! When we gather, two or three or more,  His Presence is amongst us in a whole new and wonderful way. Yet, God dwells within us in which there is always so much to discover without having to travel or go anywhere. 

Created in God’s image, how often have you taken time to explore and discover how amazing and brilliant you are? Are you aware of how original and unique you are in how you process and think?  There is no one else like YOU!! There can be a frustration as we see others do “great exploits” and attempt to do the same, only to fall flat on our face since we don’t have the same “make up” to duplicate. Understanding YOU, can empower YOU to be at peace with how you process while knowing God is for you and help to determine YOUR direction.

With this in consideration, I would like to introduce you to an incredible empowering vehicle just launched by my wife, Kristen Olynick. It’s called “Discover Your Brilliance” to assist and help you discover more about how you process, think and more using cutting edge tools as a Certified International Whole Brain Practitioner. 

Although her website isn’t operational at this time, you can learn more and contact her on her Discover Your Brilliance Face Book Page CLICK HERE. Also find Kristen on Twitter CLICK HERE


Our passion and desire is to continue to serve and be a blessing to everyone while celebrating current relationships and cultivating new ones. It just may look different as we gain our rhythm and stride in this season of our lives. Ditto to you as you discover your authentic self more and more. I think this gets Papa really happy:)