Discovering Our Promised Land

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. Genesis 12:1
When you enter the land that the LORD will give you as he promised…...Exodus 12:25

Discovering our promised land can be the most wonderful stirring that takes place within us while at the same time can cause some of the greatest frustation. 

Let’s make it abundantly clear right out of the gates. When you discover Jesus, your spiritual search is over. Jesus did it all on the Cross and there is absolutely nothing more to achieved to be right with God other than Believe in Him and everything He has done for us. Religion can keep you busy attempting to achieve just one more thing for you to be right spiritually with God. What Jesus has done is a complete and finished work!

Our mission with Eastgate is to serve your mission. Our developing network of ministries that we are associated with are here to serve and empower you on your mission. We are not attempting to convince or elaborate on our theological position. KISS: “Keep It Simple Saints” is something at our core. It is our goal to “showcase” and celebrate various ministries we are in relationship to help serve you on your ministry quest to find your promised land as well as feature what awesome and amazing things ministries are doing in creative expression with specific targeted visions. 

The kicker is for so many: “What is my ‘promise land‘?!” or “I kind of know what my ‘promise land‘ is but how can I get there?!” Knowing who you are in Christ and then pursuing what your passion, dream(s) or desires is no ordinary or easy journey that is for certain. It can be painful and full of challenges along the way, yet with a “happy” resolve we can find what we are looking for.

Just recently I had what is called a Whole Brain Profileconducted by my wife Kristen who is currently in her internship to be a practitioner in this field. Talk about discovering some things! I know who I am spiritually and in Christ yet my personal “make up” was very revealing. It helped to answer a lot of questions on my journey as to why I behave the way I do or how I arrived at decisions on my journey. It also helps me understand why others behave the way they do. Yes I have used other profile systems yet this one brought much more detail and clarity with a good summary for developing an action plan. The Whole Brain Profile is a tool or a resource. It is helping me with self discovery. It probably is one of the greatest starting points in finding your promised land: self discovery. 

We (Eastgate) as a developing resource center have postured ourselves to serve you and those you serve to discover, enter and “dwell” in your promised lands. On earth as it is in heaven as we pursue, overtake and discover what God desires for us to possess for His Glory! 

Love, Brian