Divine Frustration – Celebrating Risk Part 2

Divine Frustration

Greetings! Last week was an “overdrive” week and weekend with “His Perfect Love” conference and wha tShawn Bolz brought, so I apologize for not getting the second part of our “Celebrate Risk” story to you. Yet I must say that kicking off the year with Shawn was certainly the timing of God. I will bring a few nuggets of his message to you in the days ahead to glean off of as I know if you are like me, you are hungry for the authentic and genuine for this season! 

Prior to finishing our story of how we went from a total wreckage to being “Restored…..Even Better”, it is fascinating that God regularly and continues to set me up to meet so many remarkable, stellar and honorable people of God who have lost so much as they stepped out in a desire to “resource” their “ministries”. Personally, in the last few years we have felt the “sting” as we invested believing for good returns to fund our “God projects”. Possibly you have been affected also as you have stretched yourself and sacrificed as you initiated what you sense or sensed God was stirring you to do…..our heart and prayers go out to you friends combined with being seasoned with hope and faith for miraculous provision and restoration that only God can do!

Shawn Bolz did allude to this “Divine frustation” that is stirring in so many of us. There is no quick fix or easy solution…..yet there is our Restorer and the answer is in the One we know as our intimate FriendJesus. It is okay to be frustrated as long as that frustation continually turns us to Jesus in intimacy and closeness. To lean on Him….to trust Him…..to be revived in Him. There is so much hope as He brings your custom designed restoration and solutions to your situation(s)…..don’t give up!

Our story simply serves to assist in stirring your faith, hope and belief for you. Like all things of God it is not acopy & paste formula. It all starts and ends with relationship. Click Celebrating Risk  if you missed the previous email of our story of restoration from our I-5 highway shipwreck.. Once again, our heart and prayer is that our Restorer and Redeemer will do the extraordinary  for you and quickly….”Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen. Rev 22:20, 21

Even What is Lost or Destroyed Can Be Restored….Even Better

Far short of our destination in Mexico to serve as missionaries, there was our trailer destroyed with our belongings spread out over the I-5 highway. Filled with confusion, shame and failure we slowly made our way back to Abbotsford (actually it was more like wobbling since even though our vehicle was fractions from rolling over, one of the rims of our wheels was bent). Feeling defeated all we wanted to do was hide somewhere and lick our wounds. Thank God for family and friends who helped us regroup through their love and prayers. Special recognition to our Senior Pastor David McElhoes who encouraged us to be at church even though we longed for a Elijah hideaway in the wilderness weekend.  

At the church service people rallyed around us as our “shipwreck” was communicated in such a compassionate manner yet injected with vision and hope. That day also brought a unique visitor who had a far superior truck and trailer ready for immediate sale at a great price. Someone say, “Timing of God” please:). We still needed a miracle to get a settlement for our totalled trailer and guess what…..we got it! This could blow your mind but in hours we may have received the fastest favorable insurance settlement on planet earth. Within two weeks of our accident we were back on the road with a heavy duty F-350 Diesel Truck and 33 foot trailer with a pull out! 

In one moment our dreams were destroyed to being restored in a 2 week period. Now was I a little nervous at times travelling….oh yeah….yet at the same time in awe of all that transpired in which we could never experience this remarkable turn around if we played it safe, didn’t step out not having all of our ducks in a row or practicedCelebrating Risk:). My good friend, Chris Wiens, was sharing with me the other day about “celebrating our failures”. I think I agree since it often takes a few “stumbles” as we step out and risk to pursue some of the dreams that we have in our heart. At the same time I certainly look forward to celebrating a lot more victories in the days ahead!

Are you in need of a miracle turn around of restoration in your situation?
What sort of set backs have your experienced or experiencing as you pursue your dreams? 
Do you have supportive people in your life to celebrate you whether you shipwreck or soar?

Much Love, Brian Olynick