Failure should be a Stimulant

I do enjoy a variety of stimulants.  I begin each day with one…..a black Americano!  I love exhilarating rides like roller coasters and anything that takes my breath away.  I enjoy movies that are stimulating and get my blood flowing in the way of suspense and thrillers!  I love an engaging and stimulating conversation.  I know there are more people out there like me who enjoy these same kind of stimulants and more!

As a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None,’  I have had my share of ‘failures.’  At least it felt like failure at times, and most likely looked like it too.  I studied to become a Registered Nurse & worked in that field for awhile, moved on to teaching, operated my own Day Care Centre, moved on to living abroad, to office work including bookkeeping and property management, to real estate investing, co-leading a church, to promoting a 90 day health & fitness challenge and the list goes on.

At times I have viewed my diverse career background as failure.  I seemed to have a four year cycle and could never understand why this was so.  I like change, what can I say?!  My husband Brian,  would often comment how surprised he is that I haven’t become bored of him as we will be celebrating 27 years of marriage in April!   I just enjoy diversity, and have always embraced change and trying something new even if I wasn’t good at it.

Viewing diversity and the desire to try new things, places, activities etc, I now realize it should not be viewed as failure, but more accurately, failure should be viewed as a stimulant……at least something was attempted, you took a risk, you stepped out!   I have discovered that my brain actually likes and needs change, to risk!  What I may have viewed as failure is actually my brain saying, “Try this, try that, explore, discover!’  With this realization, I have given myself a ‘break.’  I have ceased from ‘beating myself up’, comparing myself to the ‘stable’ people around me, and have truly come to a place of acceptance of myself and this allows for me to be more accepting of others.

I practice different proclamations, mantras if you will on a daily basis.  Words are very powerful and when I say positive things about myself, circumstances, the world etc. it really shifts the atmosphere, at least in my own brain!  And I believe and declare over myself and anyone reading this……It’s never too late for any of us to become who we were meant to be and failure should most definitely be a stimulant!