Help I’m stuck in a canyon sized rut called MY LIFE

Help I’m stuck in a canyon sized rut called MY LIFE
by Chris Wiens

I have this sense that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of people who feel stuck in a rut, maybe that’s how we all feel sometimes? ~  Here’s why ~ Our passions are in something totally different than what we’re currently doing ~ and we don’t see a way out!

The goal of this, my last submission of thought around prophetic process, is to be a catalyst of hope and ideas around the prophetic vision of your future. 

The Biblical examples are numerous, Hannah, Abraham, Sarah, David… and many others who waited and waited for the word of God to materialize ~ and so we learn there is something called prophetic timing.  Prophetic words can be time sensitive and yes even circumstantial or maturity sensitive. I’m becoming a long term believer in what God can do in my lifetime… it’s a distance race not a sprint.

Albeit there can be many conditions in prophecy I believe every person can do something tangible about their prophetic future, today! In fact this key right here could be the connection to bringing your future into the now!

Here’s the punch line; don’t wait for your church to provide the venue or position for your calling ~ News Flash! The church and its leaders may never recognize or give you an opportunity to be recognized ~ and that’s OK!

This brings something to mind. If you think you’re supposed to be a youth pastor and you can’t/don’t get hired in a church ~ coach a junior high sports team, or volunteer in a community youth drop in program ~ you’ll be right in the midst of some of the best ministry opportunities.
If you are feeling called to be a worship leader, don’t wait for the opening in the church. Call a house meeting with a few friends and worship until your vocal cords are raw ~ If you can’t find available friends pick up a few stray animals. Cat food, cat nip and maybe a bag of puppy chow ~ spread a meal around your apartment and serenade them with worship music. (It worked for Francis of Assisi)  

Set goals for yourself, imagine your ideal life and do something that symbolizes a step in that direction. Ideas abound if you think about it; Reading a relevant book, learn another language, build confidence by running a half marathon, start a small online business, take a community college course ~ there are literally thousands of ideas to help you climb out of the rut.

If money is an issue (Debt), then consult a counselor. Remember that same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead can revive any situation (Rom 8:11) ~ there’s endless wisdom available ~ it’s up to us to seek it out … It’s the glory of kings to search a matter out, Proverbs 25:2)

Most of our limitations are in our heads. Exercise the greatest prophetic muscle we have “Our brains”. The battle for faith in action is in the mind!

On a personal note, writing this is a prophetic exercise. You see, it’s been prophesied that I’ll write a book, it looks like a gigantic mountain which I’ll never get over. ~ So here I find myself practicing, building the skill I’ll need to accomplish the goal ~ and I’m having a great time doing it!