I Have a Log In My Eye!

believe God has a dream and a passion for His Family to be functioning and healthy. “Family” being the church or body of Christ.

Don’t get me wrong here, no no no, I am not pointing my finger or looking at the “specks” in anyone’s eyes. For I, myself, have experienced “logitis” (log-eye-tis) far too many times. And


occasionally I become aware of “symptoms” that help me realize I have  “logitis”. You know what I mean: blurred vision, bumping into things, I hurt people, I hurt myself.

Of course I am referring to Matt 7:1-5 in which Jesus addresses the issue of judging. He uses the analogy of one judging someone else by seeing a “speck” in their eye while not even noticing the “log” in your own eye. Sometimes I have to wonder if people have looked at me as if I look like a rhino; with a “log” sticking straight out! Or maybe I look at times like a hammer head shark, with the log perpendicular, inadvertently smashing things on my peripherals. Regardless, I know it’s not a pretty sight at times, and, frankly, I myself been in the path of a few of these rouge logs.

Back to what I believe to be God’s dream and passion [“back to me – I am on a white horse” ;)]. Simply, my perspective (my vision is okay today, no protruding logs) is that God’s family can be dysfunctional at times, and needs a lot of inner healing. Just the same as our earthly families… My personal family needs it, I need it, my wife needs it, etc. Inner healing referring to Father wounds, trauma, offense, unforgiveness, etc. There are some great ministries that can facilitate this – we use SOZO which is the Greek word for salvation, healing & deliverance. It must become a lifestyle to walk through inner healing and keep our selves “clean” for the rest of our lives. In other words, we continue to move forward with the Gospel – yet we cut way back on our “logitis”.

Just recently some of our staff graciously, lovingly and assertively encouraged me to go for a SOZO. I guess, like all of us, there were some “effects” that I wasn’t even aware of, stemming from my own “logitis.” Behaviors that weren’t in line with my heart, results of that log sticking out of my eye. The SOZO was amazing, and next time I won’t wait so long for this type of ministry.

[Written by: Brian Olynick]