I Will Be Home For Christmas

I had the privilege to attend a memorial service for my friend Daniel Hiebert’s dad yesterday. What a celebration of the life of Abe Heibert along with an extraordinary legacy left for his children, grand children and great grand children. The honor and love towards Abe was so apparent attracting a rich atmosphere of heaven. Abe is home for Christmas🙂

With the ever increasing revelation that Jesus did ALL of the work on the Cross finishing and completing EVERYTHING spiritually so that we are made righteous in Him……we should live like there is no tomorrow! The challenge can often be…..is to live doing what? In the “old days”, so many of us would quit our jobs or all sorts of other radical things to give our lives for the sake of the “call” ….. yet so often we would end up back where we started along with being disillusioned, confused and frustrated

With one life to live it is integral to know who you are in Christ (Identity). A school of supernatural ministry such as Bethel can establish a solid foundation regarding your spiritual identity. Although practically everyone can’t do this yet it is imperative to establish a healthy belief system so you don’t spend the rest of your days trying to arrive at what has already been done for you. Trusting and being at peace in who you are in Christ, gives you a confidence in moving forward to your overall mission in life. 

In my opinion the next step would be becoming more aware of your design or personal makeup. If you love the idea of being a brain surgeon but don’t naturally process or function like a brain surgeon you may consider reevaluating your career path. Understanding your personal make up which includes having a better awareness of how God has uniquely designed you can give you the edge in how you process to manifest the Kingdom of God in your life.- on earth as it is in heaven.The greatest unreached place on the planet is your heart. “Home is where the heart is”🙂 

We have re-aligned so many things in our lives so we (Eastgate) would be at “Home for Christmas”. At peace with who we naturally are. Positioning ourselves so that we can help and empower others to discover who they are. Kristen is just finishing her internship as a Whole Brain Practitioner. She is already helping others discover their brillance to help them move in their direction with confidence. If you are interested to know more about this please send us an email. 

Oh BTW, I will be home for Christmas. And looking forward to it. Our Eastgate prayer for you is that you will be more at home and at peace during this Christmas season than ever before. 

Much love, Brian