I’d Rather Be Ridin

I’d Rather Be Ridin by Chris Wiens

 My wife (Jane) and I are avid motorcyclists, in the warmer months we ride almost every day.

 Riding represents freedom to us. It’s the wind in the face and the lack of restraint, the open winding road calling to the riders nature. For some of us riding even seems like a God moment where we can emerge from the normal routines and see the same landscapes through a different windshield. Simply said, for the rider the journey on bike is like a calling of God to enjoy His creation.

Companies know this and even market to that inspiration ~ just listen to these slogans.

Harley Davidson, “Live to Ride, Ride to live.” or “The road starts here. It never ends.”
Kawasaki, “Let the good times roll.”
Victor Indian, “More smiles per hour.”
BMW, “Sheer riding pleasure.”
Honda, “Come ride with us.”  or “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”

Honda is onto something with the togetherness of the activity, unknown to most automobile drivers there’s a secret code among all bikers. Yes it is a society that you as a driver of a car or truck are not a part of unless you’re on a bike. The next time you see two motorcycles pass each other on the open road watch to see what they do ~ each rider develops a wave to signal respect to other riders, it doesn’t matter if they know each other or not, it’s just common practice.

A while back Jane and I began a journey of exploring community and faith outside the walls of the church and one of them was found through our bikes. We can literally ride into any Starbucks where there are other bikes and start conversation with complete strangers just because we have bikes in common. In fact this last Summer we were at a pub where the whole patio of bikers engaged in a conversation around keeping Christ in Christmas (They were not from a Christian Biker club and we didn’t initiate the topic)  ~ Bizarre stuff! 

I designed a shirt and modified a slogan with a graphic to capture what I was thinking. As it turned out we’ve been getting requests from others who want one for themselves or for someone they know.

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