Lance Wallnau – As ONE!!

Lance Wallnau

A few years ago, I first met Lance Wallnau at a large conference in Canada in which Kristen and I were part of the hosting team. Lance was this “legend” with some of those associated with us. Groupies to say the least; I couldn’t believe how they would keep droning on about Lance….Lance this…Lance that…..Oh I quickly discovered why! Lance Wallnau’s ability to communicate and captivate was unparallelled! Yet it wasn’t just his talent, gifting and ability but his message was so full and rich.

At the age of 50 Lance Wallnau left the security, the income and 20 years of work as a pastor to move away to a new city 1,500 miles in which he only knew one person and started over. Since then he and his ministry ( is in high demand only going where he feels God compelling him to go to speak, minister, train, consult and coach.

Kristen and I have been privileged to continue to partner with this amazing man and ministry. Subsequently, Lance has imparted a rich deposit in our region of Greater Vancouver along with Northwest Washington.

Lance Wallnau’s Seven Mountain Mandate

Lance Wallnau is an authority on the Seven Mountains Mandate.

The Seven Mountain’s are church/religion, education, family, government, media, arts and business/finance. The Seven Mountain mandate has become basic teaching of Lance Wallnau. Lance goes beyond concept of the Seven Mountains to training and equipping others to “take their mountain” or also as he likes to describe them as: “ninja sheep.”

Lance Wallnau’s 7M University

The Seven Mountains “7-M” Message is a viral global transformational movement. With this in mind Lance Wallnau has developed an online training school called 7M University. The training is unique, comprehensive and captivating. One more tool to help release a multitude contributing in establishing His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Lance Wallnau’s Dream Trip’s

If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Lance Wallnau’s Dream Trips….don’t hesitate. In an exotic location, abundant with an atmosphere keeping you engaged while wishing it would never end! Lance’s prophetic gifting comes alive in these type of settings that forever impact those who have been  imparted with the prophetic ministry with overflow on everyone else.

 Lance Wallnau’s Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer has become an annual event and is a 7M Expert’s Academy™ for believers who want to work together as partners in a profitable, powerful, high stakes, adrenaline-rushing, global, end time marketplace move of God!

Lance’s desire is to develop a network of believers who currently feel trapped or marginalized while “goats” dominate the High Places! The Train The Trainer stirs those to challenge the status quo by standing out in your seven mountain niche’!

Lance Wallnau’s directive is to reproduce an international company of transformational trainers in every sphere. His future trainers, coaches, and consultants will come from Train the Trainer participants.

Lance Wallnau – Train The Trainer

Lance Wallnau: “As ONE!”

You may be familiar with Lance’s signature “AS ONE!” decree, that he gleaned from the arena segment of the movie Gladiator, you can sense a shift as it slices and changes the spiritual environment. Many of you know what I mean! You really have to be there.

Attending and hosting many of Lance Wallnau’s ministry events I can honestly say that opportunities present themselves in this atmosphere. Prepare for Divine appointments and opportunities.

The business and finance mountain compel some to take dominion in their related fields while others are called to action to excel in creating resources to fund missions and projects as well as their own initiatives.