Landing Your Dreams In A Prophetic Culture

Imagine yourself flying 30,000 feet above the earth in the cockpit of your aircraft yet unable to touch your bird down. You need instructions, specifics and details so you can land your aircraft on the landing strip of your destination. You have gotten yourself up in the air with amazing altitude and have traveled thousands of miles to your planned location, but you need to get yourself on the ground to complete your flight.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it! Crazy but not too far off the target for so many of us in many prophetic cultures, that have a sack full of prophetic words and dreams that just aren’t materializing. Prophesy and dreams that get us so excited it’s like we are 30,000 feet in the air! We can dream big and receive a ton of prophesies, however with out some grounding we can often become disillusioned as we wait for the church to launch us into fulfilling our dreams. Or your hope may become deferred as you wait for that business person to cut you a six digit cheque so you can go to the nations as an evangelist. I am not trying to throw the baby out with the bath water here, since I am well aware that this does happen at times, but possibly God is leading us to stretch out the other wing.

Eagles Stretching Out The Other Wing In Prophetic Cultures 

Let me explain. In so many wonderful prophetic cultures, receiving or giving a prophetic word is a common occurrence and in most cases, it is very encouraging to the recipient. I love releasing words and blessing people as well as receiving words that really confirm what I am sensing in the spirit. I applaud so many prophetic ministries and churches, for having such a high value for the prophetic and being a break through stream to set all believers free in prophesy, rather than just for the “elite prophet”. Remember that we are likened to eagles (eagles being symbolic of the prophetic) in which we have been trained to use both wings: the Word and the Spirit. Likewise in our wonderful prophetic cultures we can limit ourselves to ministering solely as priests. 1 Peter 2:9 says that we are a “royal priesthood.” Royal meaning that we are kings, conveying that we as believers are called to be both kings and priests. Stretching out our “king” wing is a necessary strategy of getting our plane down a little further from 30,000 feet and to participate in establishing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Lance Wallnau Bringing Kingdom Perpective To The Prophetic Culture

We have been privileged to host and partner with Lance Wallnau’s ministry ( in which Lance has challenged our “ministry” grid with some unique Kingdom prespective. Lance brings to our attention that the church mountain is one of the seven mountains that represent the kingdoms of the world (Luke 4:5). The other mountains that he suggests are the Arts, Media, Government, Finance, Family and Education. Our challenge as believers is to shift and expand our vision to see what the Father is doing at this time to occupy more than just the church mountain. All believers are ministers (kings and priests) whether we minister in the church mountain or any other mountain. It goes back to the beginning in which God said, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion…..”(Gen 1:28). We are called to take dominion and occupy as kings and priests until Jesus returns.

This could be the revelation you need to accomplish your dreams, to land your bird, fulfill your prophesies or carry out your destiny. Maybe, just maybe, God has put desires in your heart to be a teacher and you have limited it to the church arena. What if you are actually called to teach in public schools in which you become influential in the Education mountain? You could be called to the Finance mountain as a contractor in which you touch so many lives for Jesus on the construction site, but on top of that God prospers you above and beyond to finance your own crusades in India! You may have a firm conviction that Canada is to be a vehicle to bring healing to the nations; possibly there is a calling to help facilitate this on the Government mountain of ministry. Media could be your thing in which you produce some of the craziest, exciting and on-the-edge-of-your-seat movies that have a message that influence millions.

Prepare for Landing!

The list goes on but the essence of all this is to help you see your dreams become a reality. The views from the other mountains may look different, but ultimately you will be establishing God’s Kingdom more effectively for such a time as this. Yes, I believe prophetic cultures are committed to equipping and developing the prophetic ministry, but we need to be equally determined in releasing kings…and skilled pilots. Prepare for landing…..