Lt. Dan Found His Peace

Remember the scene in the movie Forest Gump when Lt. Dan Taylor experiences an epiphany during an intense display of emotions towards God during a hurricane? I loved the following scene of  when Lt. Dan’s found his peace evidenced by gratitude and thanks.


Have you ever been through an intense season of life…or possibly you are going through one now? Sometimes we are not even aware of how severe a certain season is until we come out on the other side.


Peace Following the Storm



Last week Kristen and I had our after the storm “Lt. Dan Taylor” peace epiphany. We were in White Rock overlooking Semiahmoo Bay in a state of peace… a heavy weight being lifted off…no we didn’t jump in the water like Lt Dan…(it’s the cold Pacific and we wanted to keep our peace:))….we were tired yet with a sense of accomplishment and peace.  


Leading up to this moment we needed to finish off some things we started. Close some doors. Complete the chapter. As many of you are aware we made a public statement last week. (ClickSeasonal Transition to read) Thank you for all your overwhelming support and encouragement via phone calls, emails, texts and Facebook love!


In order to move forward we needed to be released from some weight, unnecessary burdens, and baggage to be able to make a clear exit and to enter the next chapter. Being responsible and honorable are good options as well, in any transition.


Lt. Dan found his peace following an intense soul searching time. Getting really honest, courageous and brave by stirring the juices as to where you want to be… can be intense.  


To move ahead and experience the peace there can, and will be some pain  as you reflect and process to identify the areas you to need to deal with. Personally we prayerfully processed with friends, team, a marriage counselor, each other, and began to journal/blog…..there is no cut and dry method yet to experience peace you need to”go there”. 


Peace Leading to Abundance

Lt. Dan found his peace yet even more following the storm Forest Gump and Lt. Dan entered a season of prosperity and abundance. They rode out the storm while others choose to play it safe. Those who played it safe had their shrimping boats destroyed while Gump and Lt Dan cleaned up on harvesting the shrimp. Yeah I know it’s a fictional movie….. 

A season of getting whole and healthy is so essential. BUT there is great hope as it leads to entering new chapter; one leading to abundance spiritually, emotionally, relationally, with your health, and yes, even financially. But it starts with you having the courage to start searching your heart as to where you want to be in 90 Days, one year, five years as well as a potential ultimate goal. These can be changed and modified as you go. You need to start somewhere….never easy….but so worth it. With Jesus all things are possible!  

Overall you don’t want to do this journey alone. Make sure you process with those closest to you.  With God at the center journaling and blogging are great options to bring clarity. You need to be with people who love you and are “safe” that you can be totally transparent and honest with; those who offer healthy feedback and pray for you. Avoid those who give you the typical “cliche” and “textbook” answers….I think you know what I mean.  

We would love to hear about your journey as you charter and process your way!


Much love,






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