Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Oh HAPPY DAY!! Take a moment today to look up into the Mirror that is Christ, and see yourself reflected in His image! Let the reality of who you have been made to be in Christ set you free from every contradicting thought! When you can see yourself identified in your beautiful Saviour, you will be transformed, from one glorious state of being to the next, into the same image that you see! [2 Cor. 3:18]


Anyone who is IN CHRIST – that’s YOU! – is a new creation. Some translators and theologians have said it this way:
“is a brand new person altogether,”
“is in a new world,”
“is a new being,”
“has become a new person,”
“gets a fresh start, is created brand new,”
“becomes new in type and quality, superior to what it has replaced!”


The old has passed away, it has died! And all things have become new and fresh! [2 Cor. 5:17]


That’s some GOOD NEWS right there! You are BRAND NEW! The old you that was a slave of sin, your old sinful and unrighteous nature, has been removed, Paul says! Your old self died with Christ! [Col. 2:20; Romans 6]. It doesn’t even exist anymore! How can you struggle with a dead man? Paul uses specifically graphic imagery here to convey a point – you cannot wrestle with a corpse. A corpse cannot fight back! It has no influence, no strength left with which to fight. It is DEAD! You are ALIVE to Christ! You’ve been grafted into Him, and your old nature has passed away!


Somebody get happy about that today! You are brand new in Jesus! Living in unbroken union with Him, through His death and resurrection! Drink deep today of all that He has provided for you! He is so GOOD!  


Friends, we are living in a time that history has never known before. We have found ourselves in opportunities not known by previous generations. There are resources available to us that were merely dreamed of by the great minds of times past. There is so much to rejoice about, so much to look forward to, so much to get excited about!


May hope flood your heart until every single impossibility around shouts back a resounding “Yes and Amen!” We’ve been given a hope in Christ that will not disappoint (Rom. 5), and we are fully sustained in Him. We don’t lack a thing in Jesus (Ps. 23)! Somebody get happy about that good news!!