Prophetic Process

A few weeks back Brian sparked something in me as a result of his article “Landing your dreams in a prophetic culture” This got me thinking about destiny that’s been called out on me and so many others ~  much of it has yet to come to pass.
This is a thought process that leads me down a path that is less traveled in the prophetic culture. So here’s the looming question: What are we responsible for in the development and reality of what has been spoken over us? I’m sure this is where I could end my display of thought and just field your responses, but humor me if you can and let’s go a little further down this trail.
A long time ago someone said to me “It’s hard to turn a ship when it’s not moving”. Momentum is an essential factor to our purpose ~ keep in mind I’m not ignoring the fact that there is a time to wait on God and Rest etc… and yet God can direct when we move out in faith.
I feel like I’ve believed a lie around this topic that I should share here. The lie is this; we arrive when we get to do what was prophesied over us. Here’s the reason that has been so toxic for me ~ I believed that getting to the destination of the destiny was the goal ~ and I’ve completely missed the beauty in the journey. I can easily forget the process and significance of the path if all I can see is the destination.
David spent the early years tending sheep ~ even after he was anointed King. How was he to know that the years protecting sheep, fighting lions and bears, playing his harp creating music around the campfire was the training he’d need to kill a giant and lead a nation?
James 2:26; Faith without works is dead. Works may not be the best word to translate the Greek word James used ~ I like the word “Action” ~ Vines defines it as “The effect of faith” I’d state it as “The effect of faith is action”
As is said in the game of chess ~ It’s your move! What are you going to do with your destiny?


Chris Wiens