Resurrecting Dreams!


Recently, as I was reading the story of Lazarus in John 11, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that He is resurrecting dead dreams. And it began a journey of realizing what a major mass murderer of dreams offense and unforgiveness can be in the church!

Many of us can think that we have lost our passion for Jesus, but what has happened is that our passion and dreams get buried under some hurt, pain, and offense. I know in my own life, as the Lord has been walking me through a journey of restoration, I have found that the more I forgive and the more I release offense, the more my heart comes alive. I once heard someone say that the Christian life is 95% heart, 5% gifting. I believe that. God is passionate about our hearts!

You see, God not only wants to heal the pain in our hearts brought through hard circumstances, hurts and offenses, but He wants to completely restore us into sonship. A place of confidence of knowing who we are and who’s we are. The Father is restoring our identity, resurrecting our dreams passions. The Father’s idea of restoration is not restoring you to the way things were, the ‘good ole days’, but better than ever. He is taking us to place that is beyond were we have been, beyond what we could think or imagine. Don’t allow the enemy to keep your dreams, destiny, and heart buried under unforgiveness and offense.

Get passionate about walking in wholeness! Release it all! And I know as you do Jesus will open His mouth, and with a roar of power, passion,and authority, call you, your dreams and destiny out of the grave and into life!

Written by: Michael Peters