Small Is The New Big

Hi everyone! Working on a new email format and so I want to keep this communication brief and brilliant🙂 
Speaking about brilliance I have been thinking about my friend Lance Wallnau and his statement, “Small is the New Big”. I am all about going BIG yet it doesn’t have to be this cumbersome thing that becomes a “ball and chain” or the “tail that wags the dog“. Jesus gave the analogy of having faith like a mustard seed having the power of moving a mountain (Matthew 17:20). Jonathan and his armor bearer took on an entire army (1Samuel 14). There are so many Biblical examples yet hopefully this paints a picture. You have also probably heard the scripture “Do not despise the day of small beginnings”. Well, in fact, what may be considered small could be your greatest asset. For example, if all you have is a laptop and Internet, you may be in a position to create income, touch countless people and even be on the field in a third world nation funding your own mission. 
Many of you know our story, Eastgate ceased fromSunday morning meetings. Not because we have the new thing or we are on the cutting edge or we were too lazy or too tired. It was simply the right thing to do……..for us. I repeat: FOR US. We may have “down sized” (or another way of putting it: streamlined), yet we believe “small is the new big” in our case at this particular time.  We as people, often know the “Why” and the “What” of what we desire to do because of what we are passionate about. Yet, in these changing times, we may not cleary know the “How” or “How To’s”.

Recently we have been blessed to partner with Tamara Lowe and her “Box Your Brilliance” strategy. Tamara has shifted from a mega machine “Get Motivated” seminars which drew thousands to a streamlined, tight and efficient resouce center that has the potential to reach and help many more people, with specific “how to’s”. A great example of “small is the new big”! It is a step by step process to develop and define your “niche” as well as the “how to’s”. We have another FREE Telecast coming on Nov 29 with the theme,“2013 Is Your Year”. Emails are coming with the details, so keep a heads up!

More things in the hopper to help you with the “how to’s” coming your way in the days ahead. 
Closing thought: It may appear small but GREATNESSresides in you!
Blessings, Brian