The Church As I See It Today

We are privileged to have our friend and team member Chris Wiens share in this issue. Chris, along with his lovely wife Jane, have served as Senior Pastors, Youth Leaders, on the mission field amongst many other ministry vehicles bringing His Goodness!   


Currently they are heading up a cutting edge project called “Scrap Cars Not Kids” – a phenomenal initiative of developing systems to convert scrap into tangible resources to fight human trafficking. Please visit their website and contact Chris for more information. 


As for now, grab a cup of java, tea or whatever and read on….



The Church As I See It Today   


Well we’re quickly approaching that first day of autumn but the mid-day temperatures make it feel like a normal summer season, gotta love it!

I have to say I’m so excited to be a part of this community and it’s processing, there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be than right here right now!

Part of the reason I’m so excited is because never have I met two people (Brian and Kristen) who are so focused on celebrating others. If you have ever read or watched anything on love languages you know that one of the biggies is “Words of affirmation”. I’ve learned something about the different ways people love and respond to love ~ we typically do for others (acts of love and affection) what we really desire for someone to do for us.

Often we’ve been sitting in a group setting with B&K and they will move around the whole room highlighting the awesomeness of each person! What a gift ~ and I know that they certainly could use some of that same language of love. Don’t hesitate to shower them with words that build them up.

So what do I think about this change for EG? That’s a great question ~ and it’ll be hard to write just a few paragraphs that summarize it all. (I need to warn you, I’m a bit radical in my thoughts on this topic ~ this is not for the faint of heart).

I love the church and all the expressions of it and at the same time there is very little that’s sacred for me in the institution of anything we call church. That means that the structures and yes even the Sunday schools and Services (Programs) are all subject to change or even expiry. My motto is simple ~ just don’t mess with the sanctity of Jesus, the cross and His resurrection and really most other issues are debatable but not worth getting too worked up over, especially styles, methods and structures.  

The church structure(s) is a vehicle (the people ~ are the bride of Christ) the church isn’t a building ~ we don’t go to church we are the church etc… so the structure is still important but it can change and it is in motion. The whole book of Acts is about the missional body of Christ ~ the sent ones of God. So, here’s where we find ourselves ~ asking the hard questions, breaking religion from our minds ~ seeking God on what kind of church vehicle is He wanting to co-create with us.

These are exciting times, where we get to re imagine ministry in new paradigms, if we can truly be a church (missionaries to our own cities) ~ what does that look like??? And how exciting to be connecting with like-minded and hearted people who want to do the stuff in the everyday and connect in new forms of community to celebrate it. Good golly I can feel the Presence of Jesus all over this ~ I may be getting a little intoxicated in Him right now here on my couch!

I’m so honored to know some of you who read these updates and I also know some of your dreams and desires. As we see a change in the style of this ministry called EG, I sense the heartbeat of Brian and Kristen to champion and cheer you on to new heights is stronger than ever.

Warmly Chris Wiens