The Fountain Head of Christ!

Well, what is there left to say except: you are beautiful! Absolutely innocent in your expression, completely unhindered in your connection to God.  I’ve got Good News for you: Christ has come, youarebeautifulsandthe Messiah came, and He did all that was necessary to restore you to your God! There is not a shred of work left for you to do, there is not an ounce of effort left for you to contribute – it was finished! Everything that was required to fulfill the Law, Christ has done it! Everything that was required to be restore you to your God-likeness, Christ has provided it. And every last piece of condemning evidence that was written out against you, Christ nailed it to His cross. All of it! 

Considering the fullness of Christ sacrifice, and the completeness of His offering to God – the offering of His own life – what could there possibly be left for us to add? What could we possibly do to improve on what God, in Christ, has already accomplished? Your Father has gone to such great lengths to secure your freedom in His Son; He went so far as to come into union with humanity in our corrupted condition (“While we were still sinners, Christ died on our behalf” Rom. 5:8), and to offer us the death of Jesus as a means to our own death to Sin once and for all, and to raise us up, having been united with Christ, in the newness of His resurrection, into a brand new existence! There is nothing you can do to add to, or to take away from, what has been procured and provided by Christ! All that’s left for you to do is: Believe. Trust.   

San_Joaquin_River_headwatersIt’s outrageous. It’s too good to be true. It’s almost offensive to our mindset at times. But it really is the best news on the market!And this drink, the absolutely free drink of Grace that will quench your thirst forever, can only be drunk down from one source: Christ! You can’t fill your cup from the fountain of Religion. You can’t top up your glass from the tap of self-efforts and performance. You can’t “bottom’s up” at the bar of good deeds. No, friends, there is only one fountainhead that gives us the Living Water, the 100 proof, unfiltered, pure organic drink of Salvation – and His name is Jesus!

So tip back your head, open up your mouth, and drink down your effortless salvation in Him today!Jesus has encouraged us, “unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you can have no part of me.” Friends, HE is the drink! HE is the meal! And He came, not to be served, but to serve! To serve up effortless and glorious salvation to humanity. Pull up a seat at the banqueting table of His love and FEAST on the best meal you’ve ever had!  

Randi Strickland