Victorious Mindsets

A while ago I had a complete mind makeover; in fact it was more of a brain transplant. I awoke to the reality of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Now please understand that this is not meant to be a heavy on anyone who has a different understanding. This is about our journey in discovering who God is and how He relates to His precious creation (Us). 

Here’s where I’m at, I hope it blesses you too!

*        Jesus didn’t die for me, I died with Him (I was also raised with Him).
*        I am A NEW creation.
*        I don’t need to convince the Holy Spirit to come, He’s already here.
*        I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit, I don’t need to rebuild it.
*        Heaven is open, Jesus took care of that. I recognize and live in that reality.
*        I am wired to hear the voice of God.
*        He gave me a brand new heart (His Heart) and a renewed mind (His Mind).
*        Saint… Holiness is my natural effortless lifestyle. This doesn’t mean I can’t sin, it means it’s no longer my identity
*        I can mess up and I am Spirit empowered to clean up.
*        God is in a good mood and not worried. I don’t need to worry for Him.
*        I am a portal of heaven.
*        I don’t have it all figured out and that’s OK, mystery/tension are part of life ~ my non understanding doesn’t mean God is bad, confused or disconnected from the world.
*        I grow in maturity and process through relationships.
*        I am anointed, appointed and so are those around me
*        I celebrate risk.
*        I am blessed to be a blessing.
*        I and you are different and that’s a good thing! (I honor those who are different than me).

The summary of this is that I’m recognizing the great transformation that happened when I was made new in Christ and I am reminded of a great slogan highlighted recently by the energy drink (Red Bull)

“The only limit is the one you set yourself!”

If you can see past the promotion of the product, there’s power on the message.

There are a good number of beautiful people following our journey in discovering new realms of expressing deep passion and faith outside common traditions, and we were able to meet some of you face to face at the Connect Gathering. Thanks for hanging out! 

It’s the heartbeat of East Gate to see you live out your dreams, let’s discover and pursue together.

Chris Wiens