What Do You See?

….and will watch to see what He will say within me and what answer I will make….Habakkuk 2:1

It is always interesting what people will see according to their lenses, grids, perpectives or bents. Looking into the clouds I may see a particular shape while someone else may see something different. A glass of water maybe considered either half full or half empty from one’s perspective. What do you see? There is no correct answer. 

Although when we encounter and receive Jesus, theway we see things will change from the inside out. I am talking about Jesus without the religious hoopla and antics. I remember when I encountered Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit, I started noticing trees, mountains and so many things that were always there, but all of a sudden I was amazed by their beauty and awesomeness. What did you see in your grassroots days of first encountering Jesus?

What is extraordinary is not just what we see but how God sees us. We are righteous, beautiful and holy in His eyes because of Jesus in us (2Cor 5:16-20). What do you see?


I am all for taking assessment of some things we need to change or adjust in our lives. Yet we need to first celebrate Christ in us as well as how He sees us. Introspection without a priority of celebrating who we are in HIm and how good we look from heavens vantage is a bad idea in my opinion. Anyone can find faults, blemishes and lack anywhere. There are introspection church police who are on the look out for what the church is lacking. “Church” meaning you, me and other righteous people, right? The church gestapo will magnify the lack in the church with their opinionated reasons such as, we don’t do enough prayer meetings, we don’t go to enough worship services, we don’t fast enough, etc etc….. Jumping on that band wagon can cause spiritual schizophrenia and have you chasing after the wind. 

How do you see the church? If we limit the church to Sunday services or Bible studies or other commonly known “church” activities (which are all good) we may be limiting our view. There is so much more going on. When you look for it you will find it. Check your sources. Hey let’s open the eyes of our heart my friends. What do you see and how can you BE an expression of church outside your normal? Or what could be your NEW normal with the potential of Godly increase?

What did Jesus see when the widow who was poverty stricken put in a couple of copper pieces in the offering? From His perspective the widow put in more than anyone else combined:) Mark 12:41-44

We do live in challenging times that need people know who they are in Christ and become more conscious of seeing things through Him. I consider it transformational leadership. Not the easy road but we need more transformational heros to step up to the plate and express His Goodness while bringing hope to the multitudes. Not that the transformational road has to be difficult or hard, it just may not flow in the direction of the majority in the midst of transition. Overall there is so much to celebrate while influencing others with hope, joy and happiness that abounds within you! What do you see?

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His Name together. Psalm 34:3

Much Love, Brian