What Is EG Becoming?

As many of you know East Gate resigned from hosting Sunday Services but it has certainly not resigned from being a host to inspiration and resources for those who have an appetite for developing personal vision.

There are many expressions of church these days. I wonder sometimes if the reason the Bible remains vague on the exact methodology is because it “The Church” is supposed to have many variations.

An idea emerged from the depths of a great conversation I had with Brian Olynick the other day, and it was this. East Gate is becoming a host to multiple utilities which aid individuals to develop the desires of their big beautiful hearts.

Now I realize that to some the idea that God has invigorated His plans to the average person in relationship with Him and that these ideas and dreams are not necessarily to be played out in the church building or even with the leadership of the pastor ~ may come as a new idea.  You can have a vision and dream, in fact we see “the church” and its leaders asprimary coaches in helping you play out your passion.

I encourage you to stay engaged and bring others who you may know into the network. Not everything presented here is or will be for everyone, so there’s no problem with passing over what you don’t want and just pick up what’s helpful, because we certainly want to help!

Looking forward to many great relationships in 2013!

Chris Wiens