You and your big, beautiful heart

By: Randi Strickland


It’s another beautiful day on this wild ride called Life! What a joy it is to be alive.  


I have Good News for you today, friend. You are the proud owner of a big, beautiful, brand new heart! The promise of the coming Messiah was that He would remove the old heart of stone, and give us a new, undivided heart of flesh. A heart that is soft and bendable and constantly pulling us in the direction of our good God and in the direction of a unique, creative expression of Him! (Ezekiel 11:19 & 36:26)


And the really Good News? The Messiah has come! He came! And He is still present among us! We are not longer waiting for the manifestation of a distant promise. We are living in the eternal celebration of the finished work that Jesus has done! Do you know what that means? That means your heart is not a scary place! It’s not something to run from, distrust or fear! You’ve been given a brand new heart. That loves God, loves what is good, and is pulling you in the direction of your original design.


 Trust it! Listen to it! Celebrate it! The desires and the dreams in your heart are signposts along the journey of your individual expression – follow them! Do not let the lie of distance or separation from god, or from what is good, cause you to fear what God has called new and improved (2 Cor 5:17). Don’t allow the temptation of religion cause you to call unclean what God has called clean (Acts 10:15). Celebrate the wonder of what Christ has done – He has separated you forever form the old, sinful nature (Col 2:9-12) that perverted the blueprint of who you really are, and has brought you into unbroken fellowship with Himself (Rom 6:11 AMP)! Romans 12:1 says, “He desires to find visible individual expression in your person.” Point to your self and say, “God is desiring, right this moment, to  find expression in me! The invisible God desires to make Himself visible, and He has chosen me, His body, to do it!” Oh friends, the news is simply too good to be true! That’s what makes it the best news on the planet! Tip back your head, open wide your big beautiful heart, and believe the same truth that God is believing about you today!