Beautiful Humanity

For some reason just the sight of the word ‘humanity’ had a negative vibe for me. It was not till maya_home_black_web_r1_c1recently when I began thinking it through in a Biblical way that it all changed.

First off, I take complete responsibility for believing what I did and even preaching the wrong gospel … that’s painful and relieving to admit! The truth is, I’m not sure how I could have been so blind to not see the truth, but first here’s the way it was.

I used to see the message of the Bible in two distinct categories. One, was displaying and highlighting the evils of humanity and the other was portraying the righteousness of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) . For some reason even evil spirits was in the category of humanity just due to how unrighteous I thought humans were.

In conclusion to my delusion …Righteousness was never really something to be grasped until death of the body.

god_creates_the_worldAs I ponder my way through the whole Bible I see it starting as God creates ~  and is glorified by His creation. He announces seven times as He is crafting the earth … “It’s good!” The seventh time He says “It is very good!”

The goodness God proclaimed was over the earth and all it’s landmarks, but then He made man and woman, fashioned after Himself, out of the very earth He just declared it is “very good!”

Humanity makes a bad decision and God spends the reminder of the Bible explaining how He intended… and eventually did restore humanity.  (Finished work of the cross)

John 3:16, the most known Bible verse among Christians should spell it out… “God so LOVED the john3_16world!”

I guess I may have seen words like flesh or world in a negative sense, unfortunately we don’t have room here, but there is a misconnection for many over the use of these words. Not every mention of flesh or the world in the Bible is negative.

So the outcome of all this is simple. God loves humanity… the world. The body is beautiful and a wonderful sign of God’s image. I am realizing the fullness of my humanity as God designed me to be.

Spiritual and fully human is our inheritance, you and I get to walk out a revelation that is a known mystery… Holy and human. Blows my mind how awesome this is and what this means for our identity and hope-filled future!

Chris Wiens