Choose Your Own Adventure

When I was in Elementary school there was a genre of books called “Choose Your Own Adventure.” These stories were written in second person and the reader would take on the role of the protagonist. For example, the reader would become a warrior and after a few pages would have a few options by jumping forward to see where that led and sometimes there would be as many as Adventureforty variations to one story.

My teacher at the time, would give us creative writing assignments where we would read the beginning of the story and then have to write our own endings. I remember doing this with great excitement and intrigue.

The memory of these books made me think about the way I see my life and so I felt I’d share this thought today.

There are some things in life that just seem to happen and we have little control over… For example, a semi truck changed lanes and drove into the side of our car the other day. There was little I could do and thank God everyone is okay.

Then there’s what I see as the majority of my life which I have far more control over how it develops. I choose how I want to make a living and where I want to live, how I spend money and who I go to for advise.

The Bible begins with a story about choices and for the most part is a view of hundreds of choices people make, some with good and some with difficult outcomes.

If you think about it, each day provides many choices. In some cases we have to make difficult choices and those are full of suspense, and yes, even some pain… yet, think about all the choices we have that lead to adventure and intrigue.

One of the realizations of late for me is that I have far more input into my outcomes than I thought and I’m thankful today that I’m living the life I want. This doesn’t mean everything is easy or that I don’t need to protect my freedom to live this way… trust me, there are many threats to being an adventurer.

I also realize that some people don’t thrive on adventure like I do and that’s okay… what’s a really scary choice for one is nothing to another and this doesn’t rank anyone, it just means we experience life a little differently.

So the bottom line is this, no matter our comfort level with risk, everyone should ask and answer for themselves; what do I really want and what choices can I make today to get there?  Remember, you are the most powerful person in your life! 

Chris Wiens