Doing What We Love….Making A Difference

About a year and a half ago, a few of us started an automobile donation and recycling charity called Sscrapcars_logo_egwebsitenot Kids.

My wife and I were working with a student ministry where we got a first hand look at child trafficking (exploitation) within our own community. It was a small glimpse into a huge issue that we, at the time, knew little about. In that same season, we met a family who had spent the last three and half years working in Thailand ( the Falls family), in an epicenter of sexual slavery among children.

Our eyes were opened to an issue that we knew we had to do something about, so we took my industrial skills background and wove it together with a cause, and we came up with this great idea!  

We would launch a charity that raises awareness of the issue. Taking automobiles and other forms of recyclable metals, turning them into support for various projects run by organizations that have a strong presence both locally and abroad. To date, we have supported a few, yet this is one of our favorites    

From concept to being operational was our focus the first year. Our website, social media and the obvious workings of a charity with the right systems in place was launched… it’s been a lot of work! Yet, we seem to be flying into a new day and the pace is picking up.

These past few days three cars have been donated. We are now working with auto wreckers who pay more than scrap value for the newer cars. The more businesses we work with, the more people we get to tell about what we are doing which leads to more money being raised for the causes we support.

Scrap Cars not Kids is now show cased in a number of community events this Summer. You can follow us at   

Or check out the Web page at

Chris Wiens