Enduring Hope

I saw these two words on Facebook the other day “Prophetic Persistence” and it reminded me of my passion for the topic. I’m not sure what this means to you when you see these words? For propheticprocess2me… they ignite my soul! In the next few paragraphs I will explain why and I know you will be inspired when you read it.
There are dozens of prophetic words spoken over my life that are yet to clearly or fully appear and I can probably assume it’s the same for many of you reading this right now.
Sometimes I call this “Prophetic Frustration”.  
These words sit there sometimes frozen in time and yet so alive and full of hope… but admittedly the hope can get pretty dim.  
This brings me to a thought that I ponder often… what part of my future am I responsible for today?
I know the arguments in this realm abound… Do I push on every door in the neighborhood of my destiny or do I wait to be transported through while I lay on the carpet in worship? Maybe the answer can be yes and yes?
Scott_1833_1980_Learning_Never_EndsFirst of all I want to debunk the myth that we arrive somehow in a nirvonic future when the words are fulfilled. Yes there might be some celebration but these will be surrounded by new frontiers and greater exploration… NEWS FLASH… the process of learning and discovery never ends. We will spend eternity discovering how great our God is.

Secondly, much of what we hope for tomorrow can be found today… and in choosing to see what we hope for… the more we desire is often not far away. What you choose to see is what you will find. I know that sounds simplistic but it’s true. Let’s say you are shopping for a new / used car, let’s say it’s a 2006 Jeep Cherokee, all of a sudden you see them everywhere… Why? Because you see what you desire.
There is a Biblical example in Revelation 19:10… The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy… all of what Jesus did (His testimony) prepares the way for the same in our day… in fact even today, every time a miracle occurs there is precedence of Christ’s testimony re occurring that echoes through eternity. It is the eternal Yes of Gods will. Every time we choose to see what God is doing it brings about faith for more.
So this prophetic persistence is an active call to see what God is doing in the here and now. To honor the deposit that was already made into our purpose by getting smothered in Gods liquid love and at the same time getting strategic about where we are going.
This prophetic determination keeps calling us into deeper realms of loving hope and purpose. It is this clarity of identity in Christ… as we discover who and Whose we are… we discover the immeasurability of what we are capable of together.
And here’s the BEST NEWS EVER! We get to embrace the Persistence and Determination that is in our New Nature. We died with Christ and the very prophetic resolve that resided in the resurrection is alive and well in us right now. This is the great news of the gospel!!!!
Put one hand on your head and one on your heart and declare… “I have been given the same prophetic persistence that raised Jesus from the dead!” Now find something in your life right now that resembles what you hope for… it will ignite the finding of more.   

Celebrating you!

Chris Wiens