Free PDF of Murray Dueck’s New Book | India Trek – Michael & Ashley

Free PDF of Murray Dueck’s New Book | India Trek – Michael & Ashley

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Hi Everyone


Here is a free Christmas gift for you: a computer version (pdf) of Murray Dueck’s  new book, “On Things Above.”  It is a lot of the activations that Samuel’s Mantle would do (and still do) in class just after worship. Murray thought it would make a good Christmas present to you all– and he just loves it when people who love to hear God’s voice have more tools to do so.

   Just go to www.samuelsmantle.comand you will see a link to click to download the book for free! And until December 25th this link will be free for anyone you would like to have this book. Just send them to the website.

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We continually are celebrating Michael & Ashley’s adventure as they travel the globe. They are living their dream and are passionate about their God! Check out their recent trek’s into India by clicking below and connect further by subscribing to their blog.

Three quick knocks on our lodge door wakes us out of a fitful, chilled sleep. Rolling over I look at my watch, it’s five am, and the mute grey early morning light is giving way to an eager sun, and we have a date at the top of the world.

My blonde headed, smart smiling brother Brad had met Ash and I three days earlier in Bangkok. After two planes, multiple taxis, potent smells of spices and sewage, getting lost once, the kindness of locals, some haggling bouts over rupees and a wild elephant, we began our five day Singilila Ridge Trek out of Manebhanjang in West Bengal, India. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING