Go Into All The ‘New World’

And Jesus said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation’ Mark 16:15
NewWorldOne of my heroes has been Hudson Taylor. Taylor was a passionate missionary who felt compelled to go to the new world of China. While living in England, Hudson was ‘all in’ in his missionary development as he moved into a poor neighbourhood. He began preparing himself for a life of faith and service, devoting himself to the poor, and exercising faith that God would provide for his needs. When he arrived in China, he immersed himself in the Chinese culture by choosing to wear native Chinese clothing even though this was rare among missionaries of that time. 

Hudson Taylor was an innovator, a pioneer….he was a modern missionary of his day. Yet, he also faced being ridiculed as he was considered a little ‘wacked’ and one who ‘bucked the system’.  

Today, the ‘Hudson Taylor’s’ of our time, are rising up in greater numbers as they become their authentic & true selves. Not following the current flow of what has been, yet, rising up with courage and fortitude to go into the‘new world’s of our day and preach the gospel. 

The new world of social media and the Internet can be so intimidating to the church, although it is exactly where many are looking for authentic connection. Yes, we still need missionaries on the ground in Colab__New_World_by_aRchAng3lZzcertain places & cultures, yet the pendulum has massively shifted as to how we ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation’. In the new world of cyber space, it is with awareness that there are many dark activities transpiring. Yet in this new world there is also many lonely, searching & hungry souls waiting for your light, my light….the churches light to shine on their lives with His Love. 

Just as many people are turned off when they see the ‘guy’ with the sign: ‘turn or burn’ out on the streets, so it is in the new world of social media. Blasting people with a scripture or religious cliché’s won’t be effective.Like anywhere else, people desire to connect and engage in conversation while building relationship. 

One of the distinctive values of the mission that Hudson Taylor developed was to identify with the Chinese people. By wearing the nationals clothes and meeting in their buildings, he connected with the people in their ‘world’. What worked years ago in which the church set up camp (church buildings) and called the people to come to them may not be as effective as well. Modern day missionary, Sandi Krakowski says, ‘You hear what the people are saying and go to where they are’…… she is referring primarily to the new world of Social Media and the Internet.

brave_new_world_by_yuumei_d5wpreiI know this can be challenging yet it is my heart to bring hope. It could be the very thing you may be fearful of or avoiding in this the world that you may be the most fruitful, productive and find your most enjoyment…..the new world needs people of hope!

Personally, I am going through a rigorous training and development in the area of Social Media so I can also be more effective in the new world sharing the gospel to a people who are hungry and ready. I love it!

Compelled to go,
Brian Olynick

Here to inspire, equip and help.