He Just Showed Up

“He just showed up…..how did he know? This guy was kind of a ‘Baptist’ wasn’t he…..?” Questions rumbling through my mind in a flash. 

I was downtown Belize City on a mission for the Martinez children (a family of 5 we were hoping to adopt), who had no names or identity….well at least in this country. I went to the Social Services p161811_Belize_Belize_cityone more time….one more attempt. Just previous to this I had loaded up my wife, Kristen, our son and the five Martinez children, in a boat to take them out to a nearby island adjacent to the second largest barrier reef in the world. Kristen and I agreed that I would go to the local office one more time before going out to Caye Caulker, the island of destination.

Aghhh….the Social Service office was closed for lunch! Leaving this distinct building with all the sights, sounds and smells associated with the Caribbean culture…. there he was! My good friend Bob Farley showed up. I was so happy to see him, yet totally blown away that he knew I would be at this place, at this time. I said to Bob, “This is crazy that we would run into each other here! What are you doing here?” Bob always called a spade a spade, no hype and he said it to me as it was, “Looking for you.” 

In a moment I recalled the stories and testimonies of Bob, in which he would share how he was simply led by the Holy Spirit. We served together at a children’s home in southern Belize where we shared our lives and stories with each other. Bob, along with his wife, quit successful jobs, sold just about everything and began moving to where God revealed to them to go. That is how he came to Belize. Bob and his wife have been in Belize now for 15 years. 

Yet, here I was, the recipient of the Holy Spirt directing Bob to find me. As usual, Bob followed the leading of God whole heartedly

Bob then asked me, “What do you need and how can I serve?” Emotionally, I shared with him that I needed to go on a mission to search for official documentation for the children. I continued, it may take a couple of days as I may have to go back into the jungle. There were no clear appointments only some vague leads.

Without hesitation my missionary friend said, “Let’s go!”With only the clothes on my back, I jumped into Bob’s 4X4 Diesel truck and we went…..not knowing, yet knowing I was in the perfect scenario. With my spirit led ‘Baptist’ missionary friend and with God at the center of this mission. 
I honour and love this man, Bob.

Isn’t it humbling how God will use various people at different times in our lives? Take a moment to celebrate them. Consider contacting them to let them know how much they mean to you.

Much love, Brian