How to Start An Online Business in 24 Hours for Under $100

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“How to Start An Online Business in 24
Hours for Under $100″

New York Time best selling author Tamara Lowe, is giving away digital copies of her new book to allEastgate subscribers. 

If you’re not familiar with Tamara Lowe, she was a drug-addicted high school drop out who had a life-changing encounter with Christ at the age of 17, founded Get Motivated Business Seminars and grew it into a 100 million dollar company. 

The Wall Street Journal called her events “…the Super Bowl of business seminars.”

What’s even more impressive is that Lowe has led over 300,000 of her seminar participants to faith in Christ. 

As a peak performance coach, Tamara has worked with 6 United States Presidents and the greatest achievers of our time including Colin Powell, Peyton Manning, Margaret Thatcher, George Foreman, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Cosby, Billy Graham and Mother Teresa. 

The book that Tamara is giving away free to all Eastgate subscribers was birthed out of a new project she has been working on called Christian Experts.

In the book Tamara shows step-by-step exactly how to start a profitable online business in 24 hours for under 100 dollars, without any technical ability or experience whatsoever, from the comfort of your own home.

Tamara calls this “a 200 billion dollar micro business revolution that is empowering ordinary people to create wealth, fund ministries and live a life of meaning and purpose.”

That’s what ChristianExperts.comdoes. It gives believers the tools, training and support they need to succeed. 

Lowe’s publishers have agreed to give away digital copies of her book until May 31. (Important: the publisher reserves the right to discontinue the free giveaway before May 31 without notice).

Then it will then go on sale for twenty dollars, with 100% of the proceeds going to;  a charity that helps the critically ill children of military, police and firefighters.

Get your free copy here.