It Is About You!

We have all probably been ‘put in our place’ by some who will state, “It’s not about you, it’s about God.” Seriously!  God thought of us and created us even before He made the world (Ephesians 1:4). Each of us with a unique aboutYoudesign, DNA, along with unparalleled compelling desires in us. It really is about you and God!

This is one of the reasonsEastgate exists. To connect with a broader sphere of people to stir up the gifts, stimulate and fan the flame of what is in you and me. It is in fact about you! You need to come alive with what is in you! It’s not something that you need to wait for a certain shift or a particular revival meeting to come. It’s in you and Jesus is in you!

You have much to contribute and offer. Please don’t limit yourself to religious or other type of activities that can often keep you from breaking out of yourself. It can be painful and challenging as you choose to shift out of your routines and typical practices. Yet this is why we exist.To worship our Father God through discovering and releasing what we have in us while we live on earth. 

As challenging as it has been, we (Eastgate), chose to stop doing church as usual. This is something we felt eglogocompelled to do and obviously not suggesting this for every organized church. We (Brian & Kristen) are continuing to stretch ourselves by being trained and developed in other skills. We currently have goals to produce several e-Books. legacyTo give back. Equip and empower. To leave a legacy. 

Yet, it won’t stop there. We desire to produce more, to continue to give back in ways that will stimulate, challenge and motivate others to realize……it is about you! God has placed things in you to be released on this earth as it is inDon_t_Stop heaven. As you move and step out in faith, God is always faithful and will open more doors. He will orchestrate you connecting with the right people and at the right times.

Be of good courage… is about YOU!

Passionately, Brian