Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Over two thousand years ago the Son of God, Jesus, left His safe and secure place to be born on this earth a man. Everything changed. Never again to be repeated. His work finished once and for all at the Cross followed by His resurrection.

Your 2013 year may have been amazing, while for others it may have been a stretching and painful year. In the midst of it all, tremendous hope should abound for us as we close out the year and go into 2014. I am so grateful for our Father for initiating change by releasing His only begotten Son to be born a man…..HOPE for all mankind!God was intentional about what He did, Praise Him!

If you are hoping for some things to change to the way you prefer in 2014, it just may or it may not happen the way you want. Make a point to list a few things you can initiate to help position yourself to birth what you are desiring. God can work with that. It may need to be a massive thrust to get some movement started to fulfill the plan. Keep in mind, nothing more massive than what Jesus did ‘becoming flesh and living among us!’ 

We send our love this Christmas season along with God’s riches blessings in 2014!

The Eastgate Team!