nO StRAighT LiNEs

Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox.  Proverbs 14:4

Of course ‘straight lines’ are very important in the right context and settings. Yet, for years, there OxInStallappears to have been an obsession with order, structure, compartmentalizing, etc. As Proverbs 14:4 suggests that everything can be nice, clean & tidy BUT useless without any productive activity taking place! You only have to observe a graveyard that is perfectly groomed and sectioned in immaculate rows….. FULL of dead bodies!

slide_1_638We are in a time period in which creative people are coming alive and being celebrated, although they may not fit into organized establishments or draw ‘straight lines’ that well:). At one time, they could easily be labeled as rebellious and dysfunctional. Yes, it is apparent that a ‘shift’ is going on with emphasis for the right brained, creator and innovators to courageously step out of the shadows. While the ‘left brainiacs’, who are passionate about structure and order such as accountants, lawyers and detailers, are not only essential, but are required!

Everyone is needed. Everyone is creative.  How creativity is expressed is now better understood.  davos_wordle1The innovators need their flames fanned as they discover solutions to global issues such as energy, climate and food sources. Yet, the ‘straight liners’ are the ones who can piece together the complex financing structures and implementation on a global scale for the innovations & inventions to be launched and manifested. 

manofsteel_justiceleague_zacksnyder_henrycavill_headerIt does look ‘messy’ and chaotic right now in the midst of real global issues and volatility transpiring all around us. Yet, the true super heroes, such as innovators and ‘straight liners’ can rise up, linked arm in arm to orchestrate some of the greatest solutions known to man!  We are at the crest of a new type of revival….an awakening so to speak. Kingdom collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of all mankind in which God will be glorified! 

Leaving A Little Mess Along The Way,

Brian Olynick