Oh Oh…One Up’ed Again!!

There we all were, in the prayer room, pressing in, flowing….a stirring declaration brought forth….gripping, articulate and powerful….until the next burst of a more powerful charismatic prayer burst into the one_upmanshiproom…oh oh someone was ‘One Up’ed’!  Haha!

I am so grateful for when two or three or more are gathered to pray, worship and love on each other. Yet, at the same time I am going through a detox of religious one up’ism. 

Having been a pastor and leader of an organized church for many years, I have experienced much. I celebrate all communities and forms of gatherings. Although, I just became weary from the ‘one up’ form. I have one up’ed others and have been one up’ed. It is not exclusive to religion as it is heavy in the market place. It is thick in the midst of family dynamics, in which sibling rivalry often transpires. Celebrities compete for the attention of the masses jockeying to ‘one up’ others in their field.

John15-13The good news is, there is a way to combat ‘One Up’ism!’ To celebrate and prefer others!  In business, celebrate your competition. In the organized church, prefer and defer to other local assemblies. Jesus was big on this, having lived out what He said, ‘There is no greater love than this, than to lay down your life for your friends.’   Serving and giving His life to all of humanity so we can now shine and look great in the Father’s eyes as well as in each others eyes.  We are now the apple of God’s Eyes!

Of course I am not suggesting becoming a doormat and allowing others to walk all over you. Only to offer an option that can open up supernatural activity. Preferring and deferring to others works….it maybe not right away or appear to not be working right away, yet we can be assured that it will open up the ‘miracle zone’ and other indicators of God in the midst of our lives. We can go deeper into areas of own lives and those closest to us than ever before. We may go lower while actually being lifted higher by the One who elevates. We may not have the limelight but……who cares:) Quality over quantity. get_involved_each_others_needs

Oh oh, I just realized that in writing this, that it may appear that I am attempting to ‘one up’ someone……LOL:)  It’s a win-win; they win, you win, God wins, when we prefer, defer to and celebrate others.

Celebrating you, Brian