Our Gift & Our Legacy

Here we are, into the second half of 2013, showcased with the birthdays of Canada and the USA! Each country unique and distinct, while being bordering neighbours covering a huge land mass on our precious planet. I love and celebrate these two countries so much. 
In the midst of global volatility and uncertainty, combined with internal issues in each country, it still is time to honor and celebrate the heritage and legacy of these awesome countries. The histories of GlobalVolatility these mighty nations have a splendour of heros and remarkable ones that have ‘turned the tide’ in challenging times. It is a legacy that cannot be earned or bought. It is a gift.

Jesus gave us ALL a gift, eternal and abundant life that is incomparable. His work is complete and absolute in which we don’t need to expend any further energy in becoming righteous people…..we just simply receive His gift…..His Legacy.  

The question remains, what legacy will you and I leave?
Are we here to live on this earth just to survive? 
Or are we to contribute in ways that can actually make a difference?
What will our gift(s) be for our children, grand children…..our nation? 

This is not to stimulate feelings of inadequacy or condemnation. I am only presenting this to stir in each of us the possibilities of what God has in us for ‘such a time as this’ that can contribute, turn the tide, a game changer in the midst of our challenging times. Your voice, your life….YOU are significant! You were born in this generational time, within a God planned family and at a pinpoint place on the planet to participate in leaving a legacy for generations to come. 

Here to fan your flame,