Rewards….Gotta Love Em!

Rewards. Who doesn’t like them, look forward to them, want or need them? It is often what motivates children and adults alike.  Whether we reward ourselves after a long hard work-week with a dinner & movie or take the family on vacation in summertime, rewards are part of our make up, built in so to speak.


Rewards are a big deal to our Heavenly Daddy who shares in Ruth 2:12, “ A full reward be given you by the Lord.”  And in Psalm 103:2, we are encouraged or maybe even implored to “Forget not all His benefits/rewards.”

God is really big on rewards!!  I believe He is reminding us today of all His rewards for us!  We can’t pay a price in God that we don’t get greater back!  Greater faith, greater hope, greater joy, greater love, greater strength, wisdom, friendship, healing, & wholeness………greater!!!


Bill Johnson says, “If we forget the rewards, we’ll exalt the cost.”  Let’s de-emphasize the price or cost and emphasize the prize, the reward, the hope!  And hope is the confident expectation of good coming!  Let’s wake up hope that is within us !!  And we do so by believing in the promises of our reward giving God!

Talk soon! Kristen Olynick