Simplicity – Knowing Jesus Should Never Be Complex

It was the Fall of 1983, I was at home, by myself, where I first experienced the Holy Spirit. I was simply laying on my bed pondering and processing life & it’s meaning….. when it began. It started…. at the top of my head, a tangible sensation that flowed throughout my entire body.

simplicityI wasn’t attending church meetings as I wasn’t raised in the church, however I was in dialogue with a Christian friend in the weeks prior to this life altering moment. I had been having many heart to heart talks with this God that my friend was telling me about. I wasn’t sure if this God of the Bible was real or not. If I was to believe in Him I desired to experience Him.

When I had my ‘encounter’ with God, I wasn’t at a church service although many experience God in these settings. It wasn’t because I sowed into ‘revival’. I hadn’t travelled to the latest or greatest revival meetings. I was simply……. laying on my back, in my bed, at home. I personally encountered Revival. I experienced Jesus, the Author and Finisher. I have no idea why God would choose this time and place to reveal Himself to me. The mystery of not knowing why He does what He does adds to the adventure in God I would think.  

It was beautiful. It was simple. I was exploding with joy: God is real!! My life was forever changed by this one encounter with Jesus. He is indeed REAL!


Knowing Jesus should never be complex. Many people, including myself have strayed off course at times ever so slightly from this beautiful simple truth of knowing Jesus personally, to being entangled in what is commonly referred to as the Religion ‘Christianity.’  They are miles a part. Complete opposite ends of the pole.  One brings freedom & sheer joy, the other brings performance and pain.  

In these days of massive media techniques there will be many wanting your attention to join in on their campaign. There are even some who still go door to door to ‘Awake’ you. Call a spade, a spade: it’s marketing. Whereas the need of all humanity is….. relationship.  Firstly with our Creator God and secondly with one another. We all need people in our lives who genuinely care about one another and are passionate about Jesus and His simple message of love and grace. Uncomplicated community in the purest forms are what we as human beings are created for. Many people  are having supernatural experiences with Jesus,  in their beds, in church meetings, board meetings, at work, on vacation or where ever. They desire to connect with people to have authentic relationship with who they can continue the journey of discovering the truth of the gospel that is simply good news!   We can be those connections.


Cheers to simplicity. Cheers to Jesus, our Healer, Lover and Friend.


PS Cheers to you too:)