Solving Problems = Miracles

We live at a premium time to get paid for what we love to do while solving problems or offering solutions through innovation and creativity. You possibly have been praying and seeking God for your breakthroughs while God may be waiting for you to step up and start moving in the direction of your passion. This puts you in the ‘miracle zone’! Not the easy road by any stretch of the means, yet a path that will prove to develop you jesus_walking_on_waterwhile ‘manifesting’ His Kingdom on earth.

There is such a reformation taking place in which many spiritual leaders are only processing in the ‘church mountain’ dimension, while God is breaking out in the obscure and unusual places…..sounds like Jesus in the midst of His ministry on earth, huh? There are many new innovative leaders that are influencing outside of normal ‘church’ initiatives as they bring solutions and hope to those they connect with. 

I have recently been awakened to the ‘fields of harvest’ in the social media realms.  It still blows my mind that Facebook has the same ‘population’ today as the entire world’s population twenty years ago. Being aware of the appropriate season will empower and propel us to implement our passion or discover what we are passionate about. It is so easy to stay where you are at, or long for the good old days. For example, there are those still stuck in a time warp asking for others to fund their missions or ministry (some call it ‘life experience’) while the funding can come from discovering what they are passionate about and getting paid for it.

One of my hero’s in this life is my wife Kristen. She started a business that serves her passion while helping many people. Check out her site HERE.

Another hero is Chris Wiens. Starting a business that recycles scrap to create finances to battle human exploitation is brilliant! Take a moment to LIKE his Facebook Page by CLICKING HERE.

How about you? What is God stirring in you? When can we share your story? 

Brian Olynick