Taking You Beyond

et’s keep it real…..we all get stuck sometimes and this may occur in the different stages of our life. Writers may call it ‘writers block’. In sports it can be considered ‘a slump’. In business there can be a ‘slowdown.’ The illustrations are endless.  If you are rocking it and hitting every ball out of the park, good on you. going_beyondYou are celebrated. However, there may be others who aren’t quite hitting that home run yet.  Four things come to mind for, ‘Taking You Beyond.’

Acknowledge where you are at. Be honest with the situation you may be in. Sometimes it hurts to concede that you are in a block, slump, slowdown or whatever circumstance you may be in the midst of. We can often be so entrenched in what we are doing that we may not be aware until someone brings things to our attention. It all comes down to having the courage to acknowledge it. Talk to God about it. Share openly with close confidants that will not judge or give you the cliche’s, but will stand with you to offer love, wisdom and prayer. Acknowledge your current challenge and move on, as movement is life.

youarenotaloneIdentify. You aren’t alone. Many refuse to admit anything and stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich. Your acknowledgment sets you apart. Biblically, there are countless references such as Abraham, who fell short in various scenarios yet he kept moving beyond to the land God desired to lead him to. Peter, in his brief pit stop of denying Christ went beyond to lead the birth of the church. Innovators, such as Thomas Edison, along with reformer Martin Luther, these may be a connection for you to relate to. There are many current champions that are going beyond, such as social media expert, Sandi Krakowski; football great, Payton Manning; music artist, Katy Perry; spiritual leader, Bill Johnson. Overall, knowing you aren’t alone and whatever your circumstances are, whether it be a block, slump, slowdown…..”this too shall pass” as it did for many others.

Determination. I recently read a book called, ‘The War of Art.’  The author, Steven Pressfield, directed the book primarily for authors and artists, although the message can be embraced by business people or anyone desiring to ‘go beyond’. Pressfield referred to the writer that doesn’t write, the inventor that doesn’t innovate, the composer that doesn’t compose and the entrepreneur who stops creating businesses. We need to know what we are designed to do and do it. The discipline, determination, and resolve are the necessary ingredients.  There can be a period of adjustment and re-creating ourselves, yet, once we know, we need to apply and believe God for the increase.

Go Beyond. Sometimes being stuck is simply a matter that we are afraid to apply new methods and do the work needed to implement the necessary changes. We need to have a vision and know where we are going, yet, the details and methods will perhaps be significantly different than what they were a few years ago. Getting connected with current transformational leaders will help you go beyond. Recognizing that He who began a good work in you is ready to carry it on with you….it will require courage, faith and passion to go beyond, with God leading, filling and directing you along your path. 

Summary. You will have your breakthrough as you keeping moving forward. When you start out it may look a little like a rat’s nest, yet as you acknowledge, identify, remain determined and ready to go beyond, transformation will occur. His Kingdom will be established on earth as it is in heaven through you that glorify’s God as we are willing to be led by Him.

Going Beyond, 


PS Keep it FUN!!