The Bank Shot


Everyone’s mouth dropped when Lance Wallnau said ‘it’ in the midst of his training session.  Drawing on the white board, in signature Wallnau style, Lance drew a picture of a pool table and illustrated a bank shot. He described how many of us are doing things that are moving in the direction of where we want to go… is just not a straight shot but a ‘bank shot’. The revelation hit me as well as many others as the ‘ah ha moment’ waved through the room. 

It has been my honor to host Lance on numerous occasions in the Vancouver region. With that privilege, I am often able to know, ‘the rest of the story’, as the famous radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey would say. I asked Lance, “When did you come up with the bank shot revelation?” His response still mesmerizes to this day, as he said, “Just now!”  As a speaker, I know this can be common when the Holy Spirit just imparts something to you as you are sharing….although the bank shot revelation hammered me as I was in the midst of sensing I was in a transitional period of my life but couldn’t put language to it. The ‘bank shot’ did just that. Even how the revelation of how Lance released it just as he received it, so exemplified how we live out‘bank shots’.  We need to tweak, negotiate and adjust while moving forward.
Can you relate? For some of you it may appear that you are going ‘side ways’ or against the flow although it may just be a ‘bank shot’. There are always challenges and many times we just need to adjust the way we do things. There are so many Biblical examples of indirect fulfillment of dreams in which the classic story of the ‘bank shot’ is Joseph. He adapted when he was betrayed by his brothers, followed by another ‘nasty” via Potipher’s wife and then delivered into the ultimate despair haven, prison. No straight shot there!

Social Media Expert & Missionary, Sandi Krakowski says it like this, “Energy comes from movement. When we start to ACT toward our goals, more ENERGY comes to keep us moving forward. Stop thinking! Start moving!”Sandi also says, “Sometimes… you just gotta keep swimming! :)”  Keep moving in the direction of your goal….it may be a little messy, yet keep moving…..even if it feels like you are swimming!

There can be many bumps (like a bank shot) on our journey such as miscommunication. It happens all the time. We just need to remain patient and work out the keep_calm_and_keep_moving_forward_1process with others we are involved with. Unfortunately, from time to time there are those that have the wrong motives who will attempt or have taken advantage of situations. There are so many challenges on our journey, yet our greatest advantage is our God! We need to trust Him to work things out in the midst of some areas that we have no power in. ‘With God all things are possible’…. and keep moving!

Of course, if you feel like you are getting bounced around like a pin ball, it may indicate you are clueless as to what you want to do or what your dream/goal is. It is imperative that you have clarity.  If you are not sure, we may be able to help you with that discovery (Click Here For More Info). 

In the midst of some bank shots and your fellow journeyer,

Brian Olynick