The Other Side

Jesus said, “Let us go over to the other side.” Mark 4:35
“Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of Him to the other side” Matt 14:22 walking_on_water_jesus

Crossing over to the ‘other side’can often put you in the miracle zone! In the context of the above two verses, Jesus calmed a storm and walked on water. It may get a little turbulent and challenging, yet it is so worth it to “go over to the other side”. You may have a temporary defeat or be considered a failure, as Peter experienced sinking in the water, yet HE WALKED ON WATER!!! Wow! Not to mention the great exploits he did later on after Jesus’ resurrection and birthing the church.

CrossOverIt is worth the exploration to discover what is ‘on the other side’. You never know what you may experience or discover in the midst of the journey. Or the difference in perspectives, seeing things from a different view once on the other side. It is interesting what can transpire when we are willing.

What do you think Jesus may be inviting you to ‘cross over’ towards?

Are you ready for some potential challenges? What about the possibility of experiencing some miracles?

Blessings, Brian Olynick

PS “If you can’t be criticized for it, it’s probably not remarkable. Are you devoting yourself to something devoid of criticism?” – Unknown