The World & Nations – Online & Offline

World Population…#1 China  #2 India  #3 Facebook  #4 USA  #5 Indonesia  #6 Brazil  #7 Twitter.
We can debate it , fight it, disagree with it or do an ostrich move and stick our head in the sand….yet the reality is our world has changed and is shifting with massive strides.
Kristen and I have done the traditional missionary initiative. We will never regret it and are so grateful how God moved in our lives as well as in the lives of others while on the field.
We are still missionaries. We just don’t do it the same way. Many of you are passionate about going to the nations while the nations exist all around you. We have an adopted daughter from Belize, Central America who lives with us, so we are interacting with the “nations” daily.
Lance Wallnau refers to the Great Commission asdiscipling nations. Transformation versus indoctrinating a few individuals. Doesn’t necessarily mean transforming a literal country, although it could. Yet people groups, communities, corporations or families whether online or offline can all be considered nations if you are willing.
Okay I am going to “come out of the closet” right now…..many of you know this already but here goes……Kristen and I served on the core leadership team of the ministry that facilitated the Lakeland Outpouring in 2008. Now you know if you didn’t already.
I am referring to the Lakeland Outpouring because of the many miraculous supernatural things that took place in it’s brief existence. Thousands came from around the world. Many healings took place right there at the event. Yet here is the kicker. Most of the crazy miraculous things that took place were all around the globe as people’s faith rose up and began to believe. The Lakeland Outpouring was streamed and was accessible to everyone who had a computer and Internet.  FBImage
Social Media expert, Sandi Krakowski a passionate Believer who was just recognized by Forbes as one of the top 20 Women Social Media Influencers. Sandi states in her book Read Their Minds:  “the world and the Internet are synonymous now. This is not a virtual world versus a non-virtual world. Years ago you had some things online and some things offline. The crease has been removed. What’s online is offline.”
There are no limitations.  The nations are not simple borders. Things have expanded and the opportunity to minister is massive.  
My prayer for you is that you will open your heart and consider what is before you now. How can your outreach or mission to the nations take place today?
What do you need to do to challenge yourself to develop your skills and talents for effective implementation in the world we live in today?
Thinking and praying for you with love,
Brian Olynick