What Is Your Vision Of Need?

Nehemiah got a look at a city that was vulnerable and in disrepair and he got passionate about doing something. 


He approached a King and stood up against the naysayers for the sake of the cause.

The one thing that we seem to have abundance of in this world is the quantity of needs, and if we let it, we can become overwhelmed with it all.  Jesus said there will be trouble in the world but not to fret because He has overcome it.  We became dispensers of His overcoming peace when we died and were resurrected with Him. 

tatooloveWhen a vision of this magnitude gets on you it’s like a tattoo of love in your heart, it’s permanent… you are marked for a cause.

The beauty of this is, that the attraction to the purpose is as diverse as the type of personalities out there.  In other words, what makes one person really rev up will not even register with another, and that’s perfectly OK!

You see the differences we have in focus is maybe one of the ways God partners with us to go into ALL THE WORLD!  If we all went to the same place or focused on the same issue we’d over run and under execute the goals.

That said, it’s good to have like minded and hearted people close to you when you find something this powerful to pursue. We need to learn how to involve each other in ways that become unifying among the different giftings.  For example, I need graphically intelligent people around me because I’m challenged in this area.

We all have a perspective or idea about what needs to be done in a certain area.


Take some time and consider what really gets you fired up and decide what you can do about it.

Jane and I have had a vision for years around the exploitation issues of our youth and children… both locally here in Canada and abroad in places like Cambodia. It has mobilized a whole lifestyle and social business that we have gladly given our lives for.

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