Returning To Abbotsford For You!

Returning To Abbotsford For You!

It was October 2005 in Mission, BC when I asked John Crowder to come to minister at our church. Interestingly, John lived in the city of Mission at the the time! John had moved down from Alaska to engage in an international ministry program based in Abbotsford, BC  I was associated with at the time.

Long story short, the international ministry program was cancelled and John was shifting gears to move to Atlanta, GA.

We had amazing meetings with John filled with God’s Goodness over the course of a couple of weekends!

John went on to do a lot of ministry…..yet in the midst of his walk he was enlightened with a revelation of the Cross that has changed everything in the way he now ministers.

All of the above said, I am very happy to announce that John is returning to our region, Abbotsford, BC – May 20-22!

If you are tired, feeling torn or weary from religious paraphernalia ….. I would greatly encourage to come and join us at:

This Mystical School is an intensive, three-day course with in-depth instruction, activation and hands-on impartation with John Crowder. These deeper courses in contemplative, supernatural Christianity are geared for a smaller group environment, with limited registration, to foster an atmosphere of intimacy, personal prophecy and vigorous impartation. There will be ample time for questions and answers, with sessions running 6-8 hours each day and mornings free for prayer, soaking and reflection.I hope to see you there!


PS I still treasure my signed The New Mystics book that John gave me back in 2005. I knew in my heart that John was destined to impact multitudes…..but it is a WAY better than I could have imagined!